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Vision 4U

Driven by passion and vitality, we combine our know-how individually 4U.

Mission 4U

Bring boosting inspiration and valuable tools into your business - as Bentley software or consulting/coaching/training.

Values 4U

Reliability - Empathy -
Creativity - Open mindedness


Growth begins with Trust

Stephan Decker VIRTUOS4U Kopie


Since I was a kid I am fascinated from sales and marketing. Even in school I already sold stuff to my friends. Doesn't matter what. Half of my break time snack, or my comics. So I learned very early to  generate demand! After almost 40 years of practice, traveling and working around the world  it's still the same feeling which guides me in my profession. It's all about understanding, trust and good feelings. We all want to be happy! All that and our education is combined in our philosophy of Virtuos4U. 

We are the business booster.


At school, I thought the subjects were the professions to choose from. What are adults doing in all those offices and factories? Today the way is my destination. It rarely leads straight ahead, and it always speeds up my multifaceted development.
But some things have endured: reliability, analytics, self-management, reflection, flexibility, teamwork, fun. And something else captivates me: understanding deeply how buying decisions are made, how it all works, from human to human - my basis to boost your business.

"Either we will find a way or we will make one!Hannibal


Jessica Nentwich VIRTUOS4U
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With passion, know-how and open minds we will find promising ways to boost your business. 

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Talk to Stephan about how your requests and our offer match best.

Why we founded this company



During our previous work, we have noticed that there is a gap between what marketing and sales could be in B2B and how it is implemented under normal conditions. To bridge the gap between technology/features and people, two things need to be combined: Technology and psychological know-how. And we offer another strength: we accompany you during the implementation of your new strategies. We all want to celebrate the success of our work!


So we do the many very different things we love and we are good at in our own. With heart, brain and a constant eye for the bigger picture. Entrepreneurial thinking combined with curiosity and courage - our engine that will also accelerate your business. - Innovating and creating the new next on the entire marketing and sales keyboard.

To complete your impression:

Jessica's short CV


I love to combine all this for our way to your success:

Strategic and Operative Marketing for Technical Industrial Goods at Marketing-Prisma Nentwich GmbH 
„Bridge between technology and human“: Communicating the value of complicated products understandable in B2B Content Marketing.

Product Manager at Endress+Hauser Conducta GmbH&Co. KG
Responsibility for transmitter „Liquiline“, Software „Memobase Plus“ and the brand „Memosens“; collaboration with MarCom, R&D, sales worldwide, project management

Chemical Lab Assistant at Henkel KGaA, Surface Technologies
Analytics, product development and technical application world wide for surface treatment in the automotive and architectural industry.


Diploma in Business Engineering
Chemical Lab A
Certified Trainer (IHK)
Certified Social Media Manager (HdWM)

To complete your impression:

Stephan's short CV

 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Überhaupt lernt niemand etwas durch bloßes Anhören, und wer sich in gewissen Dingen nicht selbst tätig bemüht, weiß die Sachen nur oberflächlich.


CEO - Venturis IT GmbH - Construction/MEP environment

Sales/Marketing Manager - Trimble GmbH - Construction/MEP environment

Sales/Marketing Manager - Pryde Group GmbH - Sports Industry Surf/Snow

CRM Manager - K2 Sports GmbH - Sports Industry - Snow

Key Account Manager - AVIS  - Car Rental Industry - 3 yrs USA, + 1 year Philippines and Dubai

and much more experiences to see the bigger picture!

Tennis Coach Level A
Certified Mountain and Snbd Guide/Teacher
IHK certified Industry Business Merchant
MBA Business Psychology
IHK certified Sales Coach
IHK certified Digital Transformation Manager