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Reach Bentley's goals as a team

Your own business comes first. Gain optimum results by sourcing out the Bentley BusinessWe take care of your sales and marketing philosophy.

We all have to step on the gas - goals are demanding. To remain a partner, sales must increase! Take profit from experienced Bentley partners in multiple ways:

  • We implement the concepts 4U - digital marketing and pro-active sales.

  • We communicate with Bentley 4U and strengthen and maintain the partnership.

  • We understand the complexity of the Bentley matrix and bridge the gap 4U. 

  • AND: We are selling the same like you do: Bentley Software. Profit from our experience!

Digital Bentley Marketing Campaigns
Marketing Campaign Service

We realize digital Bentley Marketing 4U

Social media posts and ads, Google ads, website news and mailings. - Even if the content is well prepared by Bentley, a sales campaign is laborious to realize.

We are also happy to support you on an ongoing basis, e.g. with the presentation of Bentley products on your website, retargeting and lead generation via contact forms.

Join the complete service or define at which point we hand over our work to you. What's your preference?

Jessica Nentwich VIRTUOS4U
Strategic and operative Marketing

How can we strengthen Bentley Marketing 4U?

A continuous presence of Bentley products in your digital communication channels is as important as campaigns. Let's spread valuable information like breadcrumbs along the customer journey, following the human-to-human (H2H) concept. Which content is available and what can be realized over the year?

Stephan Decker VIRTUOS4U Kopie
Enabling sales growth

How to sell Subscription? Sales Coaching & Training 4U

Subscription is present and future. Learn what really counts for your interessees. And how to switch your customers from perpetual licensing to subscription? Take the fast lane and profit from Stephan's method which he optimized over the years. It covers all essential sales topics. 

Focus on human beings!


Are your sales engineers addressing the complete buying center? Read how to close the deal on B2B software that needs explaining and how digital marketing can pave the way.

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What are your concerns?

"You do not know our market and don't understand our language."

Correct. How relevant is local market knowledge for a sales campaign?
And with DeepL, we got very good translation results. Convince yourself!

"You cannot explain the features."

1. For sales campaigns, features are irrelevant.

2. Bentley is providing more technical stuff than necessary.

3. As an Engineer dealing with Bentley stuff since years, I can.

"We are realizing campaigns on our own."

Ok, fine. If there is nothing else you could do alternatively, go on.

"I get more for the money locally."

Sure. You can pay for more hours. But what will be the outcome? Think of the learning curve....