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PLAXIS is geotechnical analysis software with capabilities to solve common and complex geotechnical problems. It comes with advanced analysis for excavations, foundations, tunnels, and other infrastructure projects in soil and rock.


Model and report on any geoengineering project.


Analyze common and complex geotechnical challenges.


Trust a single source of truth for geotechnical data management.

Brice Exley, P.E., Haley & Aldrich

"The power to collaborate with design, construction, and the owner is where PLAXIS really shines. During meetings, I can quickly respond to stakeholder requests by adjusting geometry and sharing multiple scenarios. Being able to model “on the fly” helps us avoid wasting time going back and forth on emails and phone calls."

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Geotechnical analysis and information management software


Flexible Geotechnical Analysis Software


Your Options:
PLAXIS 3D Advanced
PLAXIS 3D Ultimate
PLAXIS 3D WorkSuite



Perform advanced finite element or limit equilibrium analysis of soil and rock deformation and stability, as well as soil structure interaction, groundwater, and heat flow.



2D geotechnical Engineering Software


Your Options:
PLAXIS 2D Advanced
PLAXIS 2D Ultimate
PLAXIS 2D WorkSuite



Model and analyze geo-engineering projects with finite element analysis in 2D

Model your geotechnical problems from a single, integrated application. Analyze the deformation and stability of excavations, embankments, and foundations to tunneling, mining, and geomechanics.

PLAXIS MonopileDesigner - VIRTUOS4U GmbH

Reduce the Length of Piles by approx. 35%

PLAXIS Monopile Designer

Reduce costs of onshore and offshore wind farms

The software offers an enhanced design method that dramatically reduces the amount of steel needed for monopile foundations, lowering the overall costs of wind farms. It allows the transfer of results of the PISA Joint Industry Research Project into daily engineering practices.


3D geotechnical conceptual Model Builder Software

PLAXIS Designer

Build 3D conceptual models, produce visually appealing models, and import data efficiently

Overcome the challenges of merging and analyzing data. With Bentley’s open modeling environment, PLAXIS Designer enables you to visualize and manipulate geotechnical site data such as topology, boreholes, piezometers, and other field instrumentation data, as well as engineering staged construction and design.


2D/3D Limit Equilibrium geotechnical Engineering Software


PLAXIS 2D LE and PLAXIS 3D LE are powerful applications for limit equilibrium slope stability analysis and finite element analysis of groundwater seepage.

PLAXIS 3D LE includes everything in PLAXIS 2D LE, plus:

  • 3D analysis
  • Complex geometry creation
  • Parallel processing to save time

Important changes to PLAXIS LE and PLAXIS Designer Support


Learn more about alternative and migration options.


Titel_PLAXIS_SlopeStability eBook EN
informative e-book with video links

Reliable outcomes in geoengineering projects

Learn more about

- the fundamentals of slope stability,

- the challenges involved,

- how the two analysis methods of limit equilibrium and finite element can best be applied to solve them,

- plus some real-world examples of those methods in use, and how PLAXIS helped.

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