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You are right, we are no users by ourselves. But if you have very detailed questions, we  ask the experts in our large Bentley and international Bentley Partners network.

MicroStation 1 - VIRTUOS4U GmbH
CAD Modeling and Visualization


With MicroStation, you model, document, access, and view your designs. Architectural, engineering, mapping, construction, and operations  information - the highly performant CAD software comes with the power and flexibility you need for any size project.
ProjectWise 1 - VIRTUOS4U GmbH
Project Delivery


With ProjectWise, powered by iTwin, you collaborate on projects of all types and all scales with a connected experience and provide digital delivery. Data centric workflows enabling advanced civil validations will help you to win more business and deliver better projects.

VIRTUOS4U_iTwin Capture
Connect physical and virtual Context

iTwin Capture

Capture reality to serve as the digital context for design and engineering, construction, and operations workflows.

VIRTUOS4U GmbH - Reality Modeling WorkSuite
Reality Modeling WorkSuite


Create, share, and consume high quality 3D reality models

End-to-end solution for adding digital context, like reliable, up-to-date reality data to your projects. Quickly generate detailed 3D reality meshes using photographs or LiDAR point clouds.

Construction Management


SYNCHRO’S digital solutions – from field to office – increase the visibility, predictability, and productivity of your construction projects so you can deliver winning projects – from design to pre-bid to project execution and handoff.
Geotechnical Engineering


Geotechnical analysis and data management software with capabilities to solve common and complex geotechnical problems in soil and rock, including advanced analysis for excavations, foundations, tunnels, and other infrastructure projects.
GeoStudio - VIRTUOS4U
Geotechnical Engineering


Perform sophisticated 2D and 3D limit equilibrium stability analysis of soil and rock slopes considering groundwater flow, heat, and mass transfer.
OpenBuildings 1 - VIRTUOS4U GmbH
Building Design


Design, analyze, document, and visualize buildings with software made for architects and engineers. Streamline your workflow, throughout the design, structural drafting, and construction documentation process.
OpenFlows 1 - VIRTUOS4U GmbH
Hydraulics and Hydrology


Plan, Design, and Operate Intelligent Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Infrastructure

From fire flow and water quality simulations, to criticality and energy cost analysis, we have everything you need.

OpenRoads 1 - VIRTUOS4U GmbH
Road Design


Address complex modeling and design of all transportation-related projects. With enriched design capabilities at every stage of the project delivery process, from planning, design, and engineering to construction simulation and analysis, Bentley’s road design software has it all.
OpenRail 1 - VIRTUOS4U GmbH
Rail Design


Redefine how rail and transit infrastructure is designed, built, and operated with multidiscipline data exchange and handover to support construction through maintenance with Bentley’s rail software. 
The 'OPEN' modeling environment

OPEN for collaborative digital workflows

Share digital components through the Connected Data Environment (CDE). Connect  automated and iterative digital workflows across disciplines for design integration. 
The OPEN-products are based on the highly performant MicroStation technology. 


Open to collaboration over multiple disciplines


Open to analysis and simulation


Open to multidiscipline clash resolution and production of deliverables

This is the OPEN product family:

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We are Bentley Partner for the D-A-CH region. You are right, we are no users by ourselves. But if you have very detailed questions, we know whom to ask in our large Bentley and international Bentley partners network.

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