Building Design and Energy Analysis with OpenBuildings

Multidiscipline building design

Design safe, sustainable, and distinctive buildings

OpenBuildings is a multidiscipline building design software that enables BIM workflows to provide information-rich models for the design, analysis, simulation, and documentation of buildings. 

  • computational design and
  • energy services for building performance evaluation
  • 3D modeling environment
  • site context by referencing reality models

With OpenBuildings Designer, you can optimize designs, meet tight deadlines, and avoid errors.

OpenBuildings Designer

Design Buildings and Facilities of any Size

Design MEP Systems
Design complex mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems, including lighting, power, fire detection, fully parametric air-handling, piping, and plumbing systems.

Generate Building Documentation and Reports
Link specifications, engineering calculations, and equipment documentation to your intelligent building model and produce high-quality, reliable, and up-to-date drawings that accurately represent your design.

Visualize Building Designs
Generate 3D images of models, animations with life-like detail, and high-end photo-realistic renderings, which can aid in the further refinement of potential designs.

Analyze Building System Performance
Inform early design decisions by simulating and evaluating real-world building system performances, including conceptual energy analysis to explore peak loads, annual energy calculations, energy consumptions, carbon emissions, and fuel costs.

OpenBuildings Station Designer

Design Rail and Metro Stations

Take on projects from high-speed and commuter to metro and light rail stations. This software even allows for analysis of pedestrian travel paths.

  • Functional space definitions and a catalog of design components are specifically geared to railway station design.

  • GenerativeComponents templates for complex geometry are ideal for designing tunnels and platforms.

  • Create simulation scenarios by defining spaces, activities, passenger characteristics, and operational information such as train timetables to simulate and analyze foot traffic.

Includes OpenBuildings Designer

OpenBuildings Speedikon

Building Design and Documentation

Streamline your workflow, throughout the design, structural drafting, and construction documentation process, for new and existing industrial facilities, airports, hospitals, and factories in your target country.

Create Building Documentation and Reports
Customize robust, reliable documentation, drawings, and reports that meet Your target standards. Combine drawings, maps, and models to create a common data environment and integrate your design, 3D visualization, drawing production, and quantity take-off reporting.

Design Industrial Facilities
Design buildings and facilities, such as factories, airports, offices, and hospitals, of all sizes and complexity in Your target country. Combine your architectural design, structural drafting, and construction documentation.

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Take advantage of

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

> Deliver buildings faster and with greater confidence. 
> Integrate information for multiple disciplines, companies and project phases.
> Leverage BIM methodologies to improve your project delivery and better manage your design information across the entire project lifecycle.
> Get a better understanding of the data rich digital representation of your building .
> Improve the odds of delivering a building on time and on budget. 
> Explore design options, conduct analysis and better communicate design intent.

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The 'OPEN' modeling environment

OPEN for collaborative digital workflows

Share digital components through the Connected Data Environment (CDE). Connect  automated and iterative digital workflows across disciplines for design integration. 
The OPEN-products are based on the highly performant MicroStation technology. 


Open to collaboration over multiple disciplines


Open to analysis and simulation


Open to multidiscipline clash resolution and production of deliverables

This is the OPEN product family:

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