Rock reinforcement modelling: Cables in PLAXIS 2D

PLAXIS 2D Rock reinforcment - cables
  • October 30, 2023


New Element "CABLE" in PLAXIS 2D (V2023.2)


A new element, namely “Cable”, has been introduced in PLAXIS, which can be used to model all the mentioned systems (including DMFC reinforcements) as long as bending is negligible, and also to simulate the pre-tensioning for all active systems (including CMC reinforcements). Moreover, this versatile element allows for a more straightforward definition of the reinforcement parameters as well as their calibration against specific test results for the evaluation of mechanical parameters (i.e., pull-out tests). In order to show the usage of the new cable elements within the PLAXIS workflow along with the definition of the parameters for this type of reinforcement system, this document provides a practical example of an underground excavation reinforced with cable elements.

Note: From PLAXIS 2023.2 resulting forces in the cables are calculated in output per cable element. Hence, the spacing between elements in the out-of-plane space is already taken into account.


Read the full paper:

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